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Beijing Hisign Technology Co., Ltd. (Hisign), established in 1998, is a rapid growing enterprise group including wholly owned, controlled and shareholding subsidiaries. With ISO 9001, ISO/IEC20000-1 and ISO/IEC27001 certification, Hisign's projects and services span across China, and some countries and areas oversea.

Hisign is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and technological advanced enterprise in China's multi-biometric industry. With state-of-art technologies including: face recognition, fingerprint identification, palm print matching, handwriting and vehicle license plate recognition etc. Its products and services cover four fields: multi-biometrics recognition, video image processing and analysis, the comprehensive application of criminal investigation information, as well as risk prevention and control with big data analysis. Hisign's products are widely used in aspects of public security such as criminal investigation, security, forensics, border control. As well as areas of civil security such as finance, social security, education, transportation, large-scale event management, surveillance and internet application. Hisign is one of the few organizations that provides a multitudes of products and services that cover different aspects of multi-biometric identification.
By the end of 2018, Hisign has a market share of 80% in criminal fingerprint and palm print identification systems in China. The automated biometric identification system of Beijing public security bureau was completed in 2019 with the largest storage capacity and highest matching speed in China at the time. Hisign has also built face recognition systems for fifteen provincial public security departments in China in the past.