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HISIGN's Fingerprint Algorithm Ranks First in NIST ELFT

HISIGN's fingerprint algorithm has showcased the highest accuracy, fastest speed, and smallest feature template size of fingerprint matching in the Evaluation of Latent Friction Ridge Technology (ELFT) organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United State of America (NIST). HISIGN's fingerprint algorithm ranked first in all the major performance indicators. 

The test results is published as:

ELFT is an evaluation of latent fingerprint and palmprint recognition operated by NIST, the most authoritative public evaluation organization. All the well-known automatic fingerprint and palmprint recognition system manufacturers or research institutions around the world are willing to participated in test.

Test results of the ELFT are published at:

HISIGN's new generation fingerprint recognition algorithm shows a qualitative leap in comparison accuracy and in rank 1 hit rate and hence greatly reduces the manual inspection workload of fingerprint candidate list.