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Core Technologies

Hisign is the leading provider of public safety solutions in China.
Multi bio intelligent recognition and big data analysis as the core technology 
to serve the public security field in an all-round way.

Fingerprint and Palm Identification                                 
Our fingerprint recognition technology combines classic detail point and deep neural network technologies, is a clever combination of expert domain knowledge and data intelligence. 
The identification algorithm obtained good results in the MINEX III test of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The key indicators ranked first In the FVC-onGoing evaluation test. The algorithm has won many awards such as the Electronic Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the Beijing Science and Technology Award, and the China Patent Excellence Award. The algorithm is adopted for Chinese Resident ID cards and e-passports. Hisign’s AFIS system dominate more than 50% of Chinese market. More than 200,000 cases have been solved every year, and more than tens of thousands of sets of personnel information integrated collection which including fingerprint palm print collection equipment have been built. 
Hisign is providing strong technical support and guarantee for public security. 

Face Recognition                                            
Hisign face recognition technology has experienced more than ten years of development from LDA to deep neural network, and has continuously achieved breakthroughs in recognition accuracy. It has been widely used in fields such as large data search, human verification, and video surveillance. In 2010, when deep learning has not been popularized, it has successfully realized hundreds of video surveillance face recognition and hundreds of millions of large-scale data searches at the Shanghai World Expo. Hisign's face recognition algorithm has continued to play a huge role in the face recognition system for populations with a capacity of more than 1.5 billion since 2016. In the public security checkpoints and other transportation junctions, Hisign's personnel verification equipment has played a technical guarantee role for public security. 

Big Data                                                  
Our Big Data Technology focuses on the field of public security, using natural language processing, image understanding and knowledge mapping technology based on deep neural network to realize case element extraction, scene analysis, category labeling and case serialization. Our Big Data Technology, represented by gold flow analysis, has achieved good results in preventing and combating telecommunication network fraud crimes.