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Identity authentication technology was certified by MPS

Hisign provides efficient and reliable authentication solutions for all sectors of society with today's advanced multi biometric identification technologies and products. Through our constantly innovative high-tech identity authentication products and solutions, we help all industries realize the "AI+industry" empowerment, improve efficiency, and create value for customers and society.

1. Live face detection algorithm & intelligent product series

Under the market demand of combining AI intelligence with the Internet, we independently developed the third generation modal face detection algorithm. The algorithm is based on neural network depth learning, and supports color RGB, near-infrared IR, and depth multi-mode fusion to achieve living detection.

It can access monocular camera equipment, binocular camera equipment and 3D camera equipment to meet the requirements of high-precision face recognition, image acquisition and live detection under different lighting conditions.

It is applicable to the integration of self-service terminals, identity verification terminals, such as face pass, face payment, user authentication and other business fields with high security requirements.

The live face detection performance has reached the highest security level (enhancement level) in the financial payment standards.

High real person pass rate, strong anti attack capability, support for multiple hardware access, flexible API interface, stable algorithm technology architecture, and easy integration and development. The design and implementation process of this scheme can be controlled independently, and all are strictly implemented according to the industrial standard/national standard/financial trial standard.

2Face forgery attack detection technology

Face forgery attack detection technology, which is launched based on artificial intelligence and face recognition self-developed engine, can detect and authenticate the security problems caused by various attacks in face recognition authentication applications, and can realize face alive detection, forgery attack detection, hijacking attack detection. It comprehensively covers various means of face attack, effectively defends against physical media attacks, digital content synthesis attacks and model attacks, and makes identity verification applications more secure.

3.Fingerprint collector and fingerprint module of resident ID card

The fingerprint collector and fingerprint module of the resident ID card adopt advanced capacitive semiconductor sensors, which meet the requirements of the GA1011-2012 acquisition and GA1012-2012 comparison standards of the public security. It can not only collect user fingerprint information, read fingerprint minutiae data, but also compare fingerprint information in ID card. It can also perform images comparison, minutiae and image comparison, and minutiae comparison.

With fast acquisition speed, small size, convenient interface, standard USB protocol (HID), drive free installation, plug and play, and supports 360 degree acquisition and comparison. It also provides Android/windows/Linux platform access to SDK secondary development package, which ensures the security of personal privacy data.