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Hisign Live face check

Hisign Live face check

Hisign live face check cameras and algorithm are developed to meet the needs of users for various AI applications based on Windows, Linux or Android platforms. It is provided as a SDK integrated with Hisign dual-lens cameras. Live face check is used where high accuracy face detection, recognition and liveness check are required to guarantee passing throughput of real persons and secure protection against fake face attacks. Its high performance in live face check reached the highest level of financial payment transaction security standards.

Hisign dual lens camera and camera module are made of a wide dynamic visible light lens and a near infrared lens. Combined with Hisign live face detection software, there will be no need of user actions such as shaking head, nod, opening mouth, and blinking, etc. Fake face attacks with 3-D face mask, face mold, etc. can also be detected without using complicated 3-D technologies.

There are two types of camera devices. The standalone camera is connected to a PC or tablet as a peripheral device, while the camera module is to be integrated into a kiosk or similar device.

  • Multiple plartforms supported, including Windows, Linux and Android
  • Multiple programing languages are supported for integration
  • Liveness check using dual lens camera and return result.
  • Live face check with face mask on  are supported to configured for various application scenarios.
  • Face matching after liveness check (optional)
Application scenarios
Online banking, access control, computer terminal confidenciality, etc. where live face check is necessary for a highly secured business workflows