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For video Surveillance, one of product can be used for real-time face detection, tracking and recognition. An intelligent integrated monitoring device which is suitable all kinds of comprehensive scenes such as hotel management, education, finance, enterprise management, etc. 

All work is done internally, independent of any other peripherals, it runs automatically once power is on. Quickly and easily deploy a video surveillance system.

The Video Investigator (ViSystem) is one of the first dedicated software packages for forensic video investigation in China. Installed on a powerful PC workstation, ViSystem is both convenient and efficient, while being powerful and versatile at the same time.

ViSystem can quickly and accurately extract small targets. It supports trip-wire detection, region of interest detection, content-based image retrieval and other target detection methods. Detected subjects could be further filtered by colors, size, time types, etc. ViSystem detects rapid moving objects, extracting license plate information, and effectively identifies the license plate number.

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