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Drug detection machine

Drug detection machine

Drug Detection Machine

Hisign Drug Detection Machine is an integrated on-site drug detection equipment developed with colloidal gold and quantum dot fluorescence technology. It supports drug detection of all biological samples such as hair, urine, blood, and saliva. It can detect amphetamines, heroin, ketamine, cocaine, cannabis, F-Ketamine, synthetic cannabinoids, fentanyl and other drugs.


  • ID card reading
  • Suspect identification with fingerprint and photos
  • Drug-related suspect managements
  • Drug detection of samples such as hair, urine and saliva
  • Drug test information collection
  • Test result registration
  • Electronic signature
  • Query and retrieval of drug test results
  • Barcode printing
  • Statistical display

Case Scenarios 

  • Criminal cases collection
  • Anti-drug brigade and drug rehabilitation institutions
  • Social health and social rehabilitation personnel
  • Detection at airports, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, etc.
  • Physical examination,
  • long-distance driver investigation, 
  • Traffic accident investigation, entertainment venues, etc