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Hisign Biometric Identification Engine (HBIE for short) is a cross-platform software solution providing multi-modal biometric identification as a back-end service system. The engine is robust in recognition and system performance as well as scalability. The system is stable, efficient, easy to deploy, and convenient for third parties to call and integrate secondary development applications. The verification engine currently supports facial algorithms, and other fingerprints and irises algorithms are customized according to specific needs.

 System Composition
 The background service of the identification engine is composed of three parts: the master service (Master), the matching service (Matcher) and the database service. The comparison service includes feature processing.

Face 1:1 verification service
Perform feature extraction and verification on the two input images and return the result. This mode does not use a database
Face 1:N comparison service
The input picture is compared with the established template features in the database, and the comparison result is returned. This mode relies on the database to add, update, delete, and obtain features based on ID
Face template extraction
Extract the feature template of the largest face in the received image
Variety of Image format
Can adapt to bmp/jpg/png/ and other image format needs
 GPU acceleration
Supports the computing architecture of CPU+GPU, allowing deep learning to be calculated in parallel on the GPU and improving system concurrency. Reduce the number of cluster node servers, reduce the number of cabinets occupied by the system, and expand the throughput of engine services. Making operation and maintenance more convenient
Flexible deployment of service platform
Easy to deploy on servers such as cloud and physical machines, safe and stable with superior performance
Easy to Call
The external interface adopts the HTTP protocol, and use the engine related functions through directly access of http://ip:port from the browser

 System Authorization

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 System Flow Diagram