Product Detail

Face Recognition e-Gate Controller

Face Recognition e-Gate Controller

Face Recognition eGate Controller

Hisign has been deeply involved in the public security industry for 20 years, being a leading group company with core technologies in multiple biometrics in the industry. As the provider for second-generation national ID card and electronic passport algorithm, Hisign's face recognition algorithm has been verified by users with different backgrounds. With its high reliability and high stability, Hisign devoted itself to the civilian market and launched a new generation of face recognition gate terminal products. For industry users and partners, we provide a complete gate solution that is compatible with 1:N face recognition and 1:1 verification requirements. It can be widely used in scenarios such as smart buildings, airports, stations, docks, campuses, government agencies, and smart construction sites.

  Product Features
Stable and efficient face recognition algorithm - second generation national ID card and e-passport core algorithm provider
More applicable scenarios - flexible switching between two modes of face recognition (1:N recognition) and ID verification (1:1 comparison)
Binocular detection algorithm for live detection - improved reliability
Easy upgrade from traditional gate terminal - improved user experience and management with facial recognition
Suitable for different gates - swing gates, wing gates, roller gates and other types of gate products

  Product Functions
  Binocular live body detection algorithm, effectively preventing photo and video attacks
Support 1:1 identification verification mode and 1:N for employees and visitors 
Support switch and Wiegand multi-signal output, adapt to all kinds of gates, access control
Comes with ID card reader, adapt to the second-generation ID card meeting standards of the Ministry of Public Security, plug and play, no need for user development
Supports cloud management, ready to use when connected to the Internet, quick and concise personnel issuance, data synchronization in real time
QR code visitor registration, single code for a worry-free registration
Support LAN local management, one-click installation, convenient deployment
Complete external interface, support user customized software development