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NIST started a new evaluation of face recognition technologies in February 2017. Unlike previous evaluations, the activity is conducted on an ongoing basis in that the evaluation remains open indefinitely such that developers may submit their algorithms to NIST whenever they are ready, but no more frequently than four calendar months. The algorithms will be evaluated rapidly on a first-come-first-served basis, following our MINEX III evaluation of fingerprint recognition implementations. Performance results will be posted to the NIST website as soon as they are ready. This approach more closely aligns evaluation with development schedules; this improves over the two to four year interval between past FRTE tests.
The FRTE is aimed at measurement of the performance of automated face recognition technologies applied to a wide range of civil, law enforcement and homeland security applications including verification of visa images, de-duplication of passports, recognition across photojournalism images, and identification of child exploitation victims. In all cases the input image will contain one face only. Our performance reports will include measurements of accuracy, speed, storage and memory consumption, and resilience. NIST will report the dependence of performance on the properties of the images and the subjects. In its initial form, FRTE has one assessment track, for face verification. 
We participated in the NIST Ongoing FRTE 1:1  Verification, and obtained the following result.

Click HERE for the detailed test report.